Apple v. Samsung : We all lose

August 27th, 2012 § 0 comments

Matt Drance is spot on in his analysis of the Apple v. Samsung case. This is what he wrote shortly before the verdict and I couldn’t agree more.

Most importantly, this case brings the ever-brewing controversy of software patents further into the spotlight. Apple’s case is far from patent trolling, but I do worry about the precedent it could set. If a verdict is reached, lawyers and judges across the country will surely look back to this case repeatedly during their own.

I must admit I’m uncomfortable with the idea that the world’s largest corporation, whatever its name, could be given such a big stick as early as this week. However the verdict falls, I feel like there are no winners here in the long term — certainly not us. Maybe that’s why Judge Koh has been begging for a settlement.

I can’t begrudge Apple for taking Samsung to court but their win is yet another example of how broken our patent system is. Compare any Samsung phone to the iPhone and you will see that despite their best attempts to copy Apple their product is inferior. The implementation of an idea is, in the end, far more important than the inspiration.

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