Fixing your iPhone dictionary without resetting it

June 26th, 2012 § 1 comment

My iPhone dictionary picked up a very annoying habit recently.

Damn yiu!!!!

I heavily rely upon it’s ability to auto correct but it had somehow gotten the idea that the word yiu was a valid word. This meant that unless I typed the word “you” perfectly the first time it would not auto correct. It would even auto correct something like “uiu” to “yiu”. I’m not sure if it’s a saving grace or further insult to my injury but it would then underline the word in red letting me know it was misspelled. Tapping the word would give me the option of changing it to you “you”, “yin” or “yip”.

The only official way to fix such an annoying bug was to reset your dictionary. Being a nerd I have a general dislike for the nuclear option in such situations preferring a surgical strike to correct the problem without collateral damage. Collateral damage in this case the 4 years of work I’ve put into teaching my phone what words I like to use despite them not being in the O.E.D.1. After correcting yiu for the 4,254th time it dawned on me that there was a better way. Keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcutless shortcut

I already love this often ignored feature of iOS 5 and commandeering it to fix an annoying iOS flaw just endears me to it further. If you haven’t guessed already the hack is very simple. I setup a keyboard shortcut that converts “yiu” to “you”. I can now sleep better at night and hope you can too.

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