iPad 2 & the evil genius of March 11th

March 2nd, 2011 § 1 comment

iPad 2

iPad 2

“Here is our super cool product and you can buy it … now!”

This is the model that Apple’s media events generally follow and it works quite well for them. Instead of announcing something 6 months out, letting pundits bash it without touching it, giving your competitors time gear up and watching customer enthusiasm wane they take the opposite approach. Keep specs and design tightly guarded while the rumor mill builds anticipation for you and allow people purchase the product on day one.1

There had been much speculation about the length of the delay between announcement and shipment of the iPad 2. I had suspected that it would be available for immediate pre-order and ship out sometime next week.2 After following Macword’s great live coverage of the event I found myself seriously considering my first iPad purchase.3

I’m quite impressed, though not terribly surprised, by the upgrade and somehow my browser found itself over at apple.com/ipad. It wasn’t until I had browsed around for a few minutes, watched the videos and drooled all over my keyboard that I discovered I wouldn’t even be able to pre-order the iPad 2 until March 11th. It was at this point that I realized the true genius of their release strategy. You see up until that point I had envisioned my day going something like this:

  1. I find myself wanting an iPad 2 dearly but would not dream of making such a large purchase without talking to my wife
  2. I go home and talk it over with her this evening
  3. After much rolling of the eyes and berating of my lack of fiscal responsibility4 she reluctantly agrees
  4. I check back with my friends at apple.com to find that pre-orders have been tremendously successful and if I order one now it will arrive sometime during or after the apocalypse.
  5. I simultaneously curse and sigh with relief at not having to live down my purchase on the home front

Of course the simple fact that I envisioned this happening means that I probably would have short circuited the entire debacle and just waited a month or two for things to settle down before making my decision and committing to a battle of wills over the checking account. And now I truly curse Apple and their evil, evil genius. You see having to wait one day to find out that iPads are sold out until 2012 is not that hard. Having to wait until March 12th, however, is unbearable. I will not be able to resist bringing up the subject with my better half and come next Friday all my resolve to hold out will be sapped.

Damn your evil genius Apple!

  1. It’s widely believed that the only reason there is a delay between announcement and sale of the iPhone is that Apple has to give details of their product to the FCC for approval of their cellular chip and not wanting to risk leakage they wait to do so until after the media event. This is why the release dates for the original iPad WiFi and 3G models were separated by such a wide margin. The FCC takes it time to review the products after all. []
  2. I wasn’t sure the 3G and CDMA models would be available so soon but I’m guessing that they are using the same chips in the iPad 2 that they are using in the iPhone 4. []
  3. While I certainly admired the 1st iPad I wanted to wait for the 2nd generation as I figured the improved stats would be worth the wait. This worked quite well for my iPhone 3G. []
  4. as always, she is right too dammit []

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  • mani says:

    i held off on the last iPad but I cant resist this one! god dam you steve jobs how could you do this to me!

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