The strongest natural substance known to man is… sea-snail teeth

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Forget Spider Silk, the limpet tooth is now the strongest substance known to man.

Barber used a a new technique involving atomic force microscopy to yank apart a sliver of toothy material nearly 100 times thinner than the breadth of a human hair. The substance he found is made of what he calls “an almost ideal” mix of protein reinforced by fine mineral nanofibers called goethite—creating a structure so sturdy it outperforms spider silk, which scientists had believed to be the strongest biological material.

Limpet Tooth

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How to deal with catcallers, Wednesday Addams style

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NASA | SDO: Year 5 Tribute

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Apple Car or Apple Street View?

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An Apple rumor tornado tour through the tech press a couple weeks ago when a camera laden minivan spotted driving around Silicon Valley was determined to be registered in the company’s name. This tornado sucked up all kinds of stupid ideas one of which was the theory that Apple was secretly designing its own electric car to compete with Tesla. The Internet loves to assume that Apple is going to jump into totally unfamiliar product categories and I assumed that the much more tame, if boring, explanation was that Apple is actually trying to collect their own Street View data; it’s one area where their Maps App remains woefully inadequate in comparison to Google’s.

Fast forward two weeks and the Wall Street Journal is claiming that Apple is indeed working on an electric car and when it comes to the Journal and Apple leaks it’s a good idea to listen.

Apple has several hundred employees working secretly toward creating an Apple-branded electric vehicle, according to people familiar with the matter. They said the project, code-named “Titan,” has an initial design of a vehicle that resembles a minivan, one of these people said.

Couple this with the news that Apple has hired the former president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development, Johann Jungwirth, and these crazy ideas are starting to sound a little less crazy.

(via Jordan Kahn at 9to5Mac)

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Typeface recovered from the bottom of the River Thames

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Recovering the Doves Type

In 1916, the Doves Type was seemingly lost forever after it was thrown into the River Thames. Almost 100 years later, and after spending three years making a digital version, designer Robert Green has recovered 150 pieces from their watery grave…

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The strangest moon in the Solar System

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A short but interesting article covering the many strange aspects of Saturn’s Iapetus

Cassini made many great discoveries about this planet, including the divisions between the rings and a number of Saturn’s moons. In fact, the second of Saturn’s moons ever discovered, Iapetus, presented a tremendous mystery to Cassini. While it clearly orbited Saturn like the other moons, it was only visible during half its orbit, remaining completely invisible during the other half.

It would take three centuries and an unmanned spacecraft named in his honor to figure out why.

Saturn's Iapetus

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An Archer Goes Old-School

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Everything you thought you knew about how to shoot a bow and arrow is wrong.

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Is ‘SimCity’ Homelessness a Bug or a Feature?

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The players of the latest SimCity are running into a very challenging and ultimately existential problem; homelessness is proving very difficult to eradicate.

For Bittanti, it’s impossible not to see the connections between the homeless problem in the Bay Area and the way it’s portrayed in SimCity.

“That is, can we fix homelessness in SimCity, or because we haven’t fixed homelessness as a problem in real life, therefore we are bound to lose?” Bittanti asked. “Is SimCity a reflection of what’s happening in reality, and therefore is very realistic, or is it a programming issue?”

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Porsche 918 Spyder Assembly Line on

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No music. No interviews. No narration. Just pure assembly line porn.

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Dear NYPD,

Whether they hide behind a hashtag or badge we share a common enemy in those that would use violence to solve problems. To end this cycle and reestablish trust we need institutional reform on many different levels of our society; but know this, the status quo will not stand.


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