Race/Sex-ism: what’s a guy to do?

August 7th, 2014 § 2 comments

I’ve often heard (white) men bemoan their feeling of helplessness in the current battle over white male privilege. Wading into the debate is often met with anger on both sides as “bros” call us libtards and activists point out everything we are doing wrong. I understand the urge to stand up and say something. When a (hopefully) minority segment of your demographic gets an outsized portion of the spotlight it makes the rest of us look bad. When a feminists says “why do all men believe they have the right to comment on our beauty” or a black woman says “why do all white people dismiss me as an angry black woman” my first thought is “hey, that’s sexist/racist, I’m not like that”.

Then I remember that I should just shut the fuck up and take my lumps. It’s been true for thousands of years, they get to have some moral indignation.

While I have a responsibility to do my part in this war on privilege it is not as a vocal leader. That role is reserved for those without privilege. Freedom has to be taken by those who deserve it, not given by those who have withheld it (see also: war on terrorism). My job is to be support the activists in the places where they aren’t able to be heard. In those moments where it’s “just the guys” and we feel like we can really let it all out. Call out the joke as racist; point out when someone objectifies an attractive woman; ask why the resume from Kim didn’t even get a second glance; stop saying “that’s gay”. Most of all, raise your children to respect people of all genders, colors and sexual orientations. There are lots of fucktards out there but it has nothing to do what’s between their legs and everything to do with their fucktard parents.

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§ 2 Responses to Race/Sex-ism: what’s a guy to do?"

  • Good post, except of course for the fucktard reference. It’s as insensitive and ignorant as using “gay”. I use Diaper Stain, because it is the product of infantile assholes.

    • Thomas Paine says:

      Hmm, I understand not like the term but I’m not sure it’s as offensive as using “gay” in a epithet. By saying something is gay one is saying that being gay is undesirable and therefore by association the thing you are describing is also undesirable. One is maligning an entire group of people every time they complain about something. By calling someone a fucktard I am merely describing their individual behavior. Beyond containing the word “fuck” it is no more or less insensitive than “diaper stain”.

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