Hövding Invisible Bicycle Helmet

July 17th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

This guy is wearing a helmet. It’s made my the Swedish company HÖVDING and they claim that it’s actually a safer helmet than the hideous foam ones we are used to. That’s because hidden in the “scarf” around his neck is a head encasing airbag! They have spent 7 years trying to build this helmet and despite being turned down by many investors who thought it was impossible they have made it a reality.

At $600 it’s quite expensive but I would imagine that they will be able to bring the cost down if it becomes popular. To that end it’s hard to imagine it not becoming the de facto standard within 10 years.

I really hope they are working on smaller sizes. Getting kids into foam helmets is a pain.

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New chip captures power from multiple sources – MIT

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Capturing the heat generated by our electronic devices and turning it back into electricity seems like a fantastic way to improve the power efficiency of processors. I wonder how long it will take for something like that to be built in to a CPU. It would be great if they could capture enough heat to obviate the need for fans. Add in the ability to power your phone by walking around or leaving it in the sun and we have some pretty significant battery life improvements without having to change the battery.

I have to say their method for capturing all three “at once” seems pretty weak to a layman like myself.

So far, most efforts to harness multiple energy sources have simply switched among them, taking advantage of whichever one is generating the most energy at a given moment, Bandyopadhyay says, but that can waste the energy being delivered by the other sources. “Instead of that, we extract power from all the sources,” he says. The approach combines energy from multiple sources by switching rapidly between them.

Layman Translation: To harness multiple sources previous attempts simply switched between the different methods. What a waste! Instead we switch between the different methods REALLY FAST!

I don’t really understand how that avoids the problem at hand.

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