Amazing Resonance Experiment

June 18th, 2013 § 0 comments § permalink

I love experiments that turn the invisible, visible. In this case it’s the vibration of a metal plate and it’s pretty neat.

Amazing Resonance Experiment on “With a tone generator, a metal plate, some salt, and a little voodoo, different frequencies create unique geometric patterns during this Chladni plate experiment.”

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Voice Over

January 29th, 2013 § 2 comments § permalink

You will not regret the next 8 minutes of your life. Full screen please.

VOICE OVER (English subtitles) from Kamel Films on Vimeo.

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BMW M5 Bullet Art

June 22nd, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Damn cool video. Hard to tell but it looks like he is going about 150 mph at the end.

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Three Men vs. Fifteen Lions

February 23rd, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

From the upcoming BBC Human Planet series which I am eagerly anticipating.

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