Taking down the industrial movie complex

April 6th, 2013 § 0 comments

It’s a brave new world for independent film makers and those of us that enjoy high quality content are going to reap the benefits. As the costs to make and distribute content for both the big and little screen continue to be reduced the people with money who fund the project, and typically make the important decisions, are being replaced by the creative visionaries that came up with the idea. If the project can survive off a small but loyal fan-base the emphasis can be put on quality rather than mass appeal. There is no reason that the next Sopranos or The Wire can’t be distributed by YouTube instead of HBO and produced by a couple dozen people instead of a couple hundred.

A case in point is Freefly. Using what they learned from making camera-dones and stabilizers they have built MōVI, a professional grade camera stabilizer at a fraction of the cost.

The rig also has a remote-controlled gimbal and 3-axis gyroscope so that one person can be responsible for holding the rig while a second will move the camera and frame the shot. Normally a setup like this can run well into six figures but this one costs a “mere” $15k with a $7.5k unit in the works.

Hopefully this will do to image stabilization what the Red has done to digital cameras.

MōVI BTS from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

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