The irony of the iPhone 4S “disappointment”

October 10th, 2011 § 0 comments

Mac Rumors iPhone 5 mockup

I placed disappointment in dick quotes because while the tech elite of the world cry their crocodile tears and swear up and down that Apple has truly screwed up this time sales have actually been through the roof. AT&T is reporting it’s best iPhone launch yet while Sprint also seems to be quite pleased1 despite it’s multi-billion dollar gamble.2

I expect this news is really throwing the technorati for a loop because they have long been able to dismiss Apple’s success as consumer vanity. People liked iPods because they came with white headphones not because they were superior portable music devices. The same belief is prevalent today so the further success of an 18 month old form factor is a mystery to them. Surely because the iPhone 4S looks the same as the iPhone 4 people will not upgrade. How are people going to know they just dropped a few hundred dollars on their latest gadget?

Yet this is not the case. While having an iPhone may be a status symbol for many that’s not what keeps them coming back. A device that does what it’s supposed to do and does it well is a novelty in the tech industry. One that is also easy to use and is wrapped up in beautiful aesthetic design is one of a kind. People come back to apple not because of some stupid reality distortion field but because Apple lives up to it’s word.

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  2. Though I suppose Sprint would have to say that to avoid a further stock pummeling. []

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