The stupidity of a “No Gas Day”

March 30th, 2011 § 0 comments

No Gas Day on Facebook

You are doing it wrong

Nothing can sum up why a “No Gas Day” accomplishes nothing better than this comment I came across on facebook. In response to a “No Gas Day” event they said “Better fill my tank today then cuz the fuel light just went on!”. Shifting your purchase to the day before or after a no gas day accomplishes nothing. Even if everyone in the country agreed to do it the only people it would have an effect on are the bored gas station attendants because the gas stations would make up the difference on the days before and after.

If you really want to reduce the price of oil the best thing you could do is use less gas. Ride your bike, carpool or take the bus tomorrow. While the effect will be small it’s more than zero.

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