top 9 reasons to avoid making top 10 lists

December 24th, 2010 § 0 comments

I came across this WSJ article detailing the top 10 reasons not to buy an iPad. Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to such a trite link baiting story but given that it came from the WSJ I simply couldn’t resist breaking it down. I thought the WSJ would have more class than to pump out top 10 lists but I guess I was wrong. As usual what starts out with 1 or 2 decent points ends up devolving into filler crap.

His rationale and my retort.

2) It will be better next year : yes, yes it will. Perhaps your post should have been titled “Top 1 reason not to buy an iPad”.

1) It will be cheaper next year : which is it, it will be cheaper or it will be better? Because apple almost never does both. They may sell the old model at a discounted rate but even that is not a sure thing.

3) profit margins : oh please. Before the iPad launched everyone was saying that it would start at $1000 because of the supposed apple luxury tax. Then they announce it starting at $500 and everyone flips out. Couple months later and you have douche bags like this talking about the imaginary apple tax. “But look, I can get a POS netbook for half the price.” And half the screen, half the versatility and a fraction of the gee whiz factor. Nerd.

4) competitors are coming : yeah, sort of. So far they are both smaller and more expensive than the iPad. #3 looks particularly ironic after this. Oh, and many of those competing products are built on a version of Android that Google has explicitly stated is not ready for tablets.

5) no flash : and thank god. As a developer I have loathed flash for 10 years and we finally have someone willing to stand up to Adobe and their BS. Now adobe is tripping over themselves trying to improve the performance but the writing is on the wall. Flash is dying and those of us in the industry are rejoicing. Bonus: no flash ads.

6) cost of addons : repeat of #3 and still a lame argument.

7 & 8 ) translation : it will be so great that it will suck. Uh, ok.

9) it will get boring : either this contradicts or solves issues #7 & 8 … i’m not sure which.

10) Apple fanbois : Creepy? Really? I got news for you. When you purchase an apple product the only indoctrination virus you get is from using a great product that works as you expect it to. I know that after years of putting up with terrible UI’s that using something that’s actually easy can lead to a state of reverence but only if you look at it the wrong way. Instead of seeing Apple as infallible simply see them as one of the few that actually gets it. There are others and there will be many more but don’t begrudge those who admire them for being pioneers.

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